What to Expect

So you are going to your first MAC conference and you don’t know what to expect. Don’t worry—none of us did either. Follow these easy steps and you will look like a seasoned pro!


Walk with confidence and don’t worry about bringing a backpack full of school supplies. We will have a tote bag full of cool swag for you to keep.

Bring your laptop only if you plan to use it to take notes. We really want you to learn along with your peers, and it is distracting to listen to someone releasing transactions when you are trying to learn about the new GBPP or BRAM standards.

Be thoughtful when a session is on and it is not your jam. We build the content to cover a massive swath of information. While we wish the entire agenda was enthralling to everyone, we get it. Hang tight; we promise you will learn heaps!

Remember that not everyone knows everyone. It may seem like this at first blush but it is just not true. Smile and make some eye contact and soon you will have a new conference friend who may be your next supervisor or employee.

Tell speakers if you think their session was rad. They are people and get nervous just like you, so a bit of encouragement goes a long way. (See note 4: you never know how your new friends will cross-section back into your life.)

Ask questions, be brave, and don’t worry. No one who comes to this show is out to test you on what you do or don’t know. NO ONE is taking names on who asked the funny question. In fact, the card brands, PCI SSC, and NACHA come to this show to help educate, so they are not taking names of those who ask a question that is not on point or seems odd. They may even scout you out to help you on your path to awesome.

Be on time and ready to learn. Sessions will be on point and timely. Let’s be clear—this show is produced by risk people, so we try to mitigate all points of failure.

Okay, so not everyone is super ready to go meet new people, we get it. Source out someone wearing a red name badge. These are designated people to help you flourish at the conference. This is a sub team of MAC members, built out especially for you. These folks have been to countless shows, know heaps of people, are super humans, and most importantly, ready to help you with (almost) anything that may come up.


Have FUN! Learn heaps! Welcome to the coolest show ever and your seamless voyage into the world of off-site learning. 

How to Make a Sensational First Impression

Okay, so now that you know what to expect, we will give you some tips on other exciting things:


 Dress code. The dress code is business casual/professional. Let me unpack that a bit for you. If you are most comfortable in a suit and tie, please feel free to express your sartorial fine self and let it rock. If you prefer jeans and a cardigan, you will be welcomed with open arms and probably a high five from a board member. If khakis and a polo are more your jam, that’s cool. Whatever you slip into, ask yourself, as a brand ambassador for your company, whether your leadership would be thrilled with your choice. Just because you are not in the office does not mean you are not working.

Courtesy. We mentioned this earlier but it is important, so here it is again: Be courteous to your seatmates. What is not awesome for you could be THE session they are there for.

Parties. MAC hosts a welcome reception event day 1 of the main show. There are adult beverages available. Since this is an adult event, no one spends a lot of time watching your consumption. HOWEVER, we challenge every member of MAC to keep their intake to a professional amount. The fastest way to become the person no one wants to be near is to get boozy at a trade event. DON’T be that person. If you see that someone is on their way to becoming that person, come and talk to a board member. We will be wearing pins that denote who we are, and the sub team will have red-colored name tags. We can and will help. We are a team that makes sure everyone is included in the culture of compliance and safety.

Safety. If at any time during the show or after show events you do not feel okay, please come and talk to a board member. We will be wearing pins that denote who we are, and the sub team will have red-colored name tags. These are folks who will help you if you feel unwell or if someone is being unprofessional. Again, your comfort is paramount to our success. Don’t be shy; come find us!