Please join your industry peers at MAC's Annual Conference. Three days of insight, information, and involvement.

Merchants acquirers' committee annual CONFERENCE

We lead the field in addressing and combating acquiring risk. We are the only annual meeting in the US exclusively dedicated to educating individuals responsible for risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. Attendees will hear professionals discuss ways to manage and mitigate portfolio risk by leveraging the proper technology, techniques, and industry shared best practices. Delegates will look through the eyes of experts into the future of fraud and risk trends in the payment industry. 


Day 1

Regulatory Compliance

A day of sessions of in-depth discussions, timely news, and information that will arm you with the knowledge to keep your organization in compliance. The more our industry understands the rules, the more we can row in the same direction.

Day 2

Trends & Updates

Every organization in the industry faces similar threats. We'll spend the day sharing information, discussing new threats, and helping to strengthen each other and face any looming storms.


Day 3

Tactical MAC

What new systems and tools are out there that can help guide you to safety? What new devices bringing amazing features for  your customers? 


Day 1 - Regulatory Compliance

March 8

Schedule Still Tentative
Sessions to include: 

Keynote by Ari Schwartz, former senior director on the National Security Council at the White House. "Cybersecurity Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from its Fastest Growing Threats"

  • Anti-Money Laundering and the Acquiring Industry
  • Sea Change?: The Evolving Impact of Money Transmitter Laws on Acquiring
  • EMV has landed… repeat EMV has landed!
    Government Relations Panel
  • Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act and How it Relates to Your Business

Day 2 - "Third Party Risk"

March 9

Schedule Still Tentative
Sessions to include: 

  • Protecting the Payment System with Visa’s Acquirer Risk Programs
  • Oh, Oh – I’ve Been Breached. Now What? 
  • A Panel with MasterCard
  • Third Parties: Who are they and when must they be registered? 
  • Same Day ACH
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Affiliated Marketing
  • MAC Annual Acquirer Survey Results

Day 3 - Merchant Cycle

March 10

Tactical MAC
Sessions to include: 
True Cost of a Merchant From Start to Finish
This session is still being formulated but will be a series of case studies and reviews of key intersections of the merchant life cycle.